Press Release -Custom wall-mounted supply & medication stations increase privacy & dignity for senior living facility residents

Proximity Systems GozAway cabinet improves well-being of residents and staff at new, 20-acre Franke Tobey Jones facility

Tomball, Texas – November 21, 2019 – Proximity Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative health care products recently completed a project for a new Franke Tobey Jones facility in North Tacoma, Washington. The custom cabinet design-build directly improved the privacy and dignity of residents.

Franke Tobey Jones Chief Operating Officer Bob Beckham explained his team wanted to improve on existing medication storage and dispensing practices.“We are dealing with residents’ homes, not merely a place for medical care,” said Beckham. “If our residents are going to congregate around an area, we want it to be a kitchen bar, activity area or the fireplace in the living room, not a medication cart. We thought there must be a better way.”

Dispensing medication at Franke Tobey Jones was done the way most facilities do it — with a large medication cart. What they found, however, was that the cart rarely moved from its place in the hallway. Instead of going from room to room, the medication cart was a focal point for staff and residents. It also had an institutional and clinical look, not fitting for a facility that was considered home to the seniors who lived there.

While long-term care facilities have recently strived to get away from traditional medication carts, Proximity Systems, Inc. has always believed that in-room solutions are key. Cabinets in resident rooms enable the clinical team to deliver high quality, personalized care which fosters a more satisfying resident and care partner experience. Having individual medications in a resident’s room also aids in increased efficiency and reduced medication errors.

Custom wall-mounted supply & medication stations increase privacy & dignity for senior living facility residents

Proximity Systems’ VP of Business Development and Senior Care Steve Reinecke explained the that in addition to off-the-shelf solutions, Proximity also offers custom designs cabinets and workstations.

“We thrive in our ability to listen to our customer’s needs, and if necessary, tweak a solution so it is catered to their specific situation and need,” explained Reinecke. “We also have the ability to design from scratch and work with communities to create a solution specific for the needs of the seniors in that community.”

As it pertained to Franke Tobey Jones, Proximity took their standard GozAway design, decreased its width and modified the shelf size and placement. They also implemented a single electronic lock to secure all three doors and matched the laminate finish to the facility’s furnishings.

Beckham shared, “Our project team especially loved that Proximity sent us a demonstration cabinet for us to evaluate. That allowed us to incorporate feedback from our team to ensure it encompassed all the features we needed.”

An immediate benefit residents and caregivers at Franke Tobey Jones noticed was increased privacy. Instead of distributing medications in commons areas, seniors have experienced a higher level of privacy and dignity, like they would in their own family home.

“Working with Proximity was a great experience,” said Beckham. “Our residents and staff expressed nothing but satisfaction for our custom cabinet solution.”

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