“I’ve been working with Proximity Systems since 2000. We’ve come up with some pretty interesting designs and modifications, and I like that they’ve always been willing to modify and customize how the units work.”

- Gene Gretzer Zone Manager at Clearlake Regional Hospital & Mainland Hospital

“Proximity is simply the best choice for us. We’ve been using Proximity for about five years and have standardized on their products. When we renovate a floor, we place a Proximity charting station in each patient room. They’ve been able to customize stations to meet our needs and help us remain HIPAA compliant by keeping patient information out of general view.”

- Kim Cook Construction Coordinator at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

“The Proximity Systems’ design team will look at the plans, brainstorm with the department, myself and the other groups that are involved to come up with the best solution. They are creative, flexible and very knowledgeable, thinking outside the box to give us different options on what works better in a given space for that department.”

- Tracy Morrison Children’s Senior IT, Infrastructure and Designer at Children’s Medical Center

“Proximity Systems has in-depth knowledge of their products and the healthcare industry. They were very flexible and able to make changes to accommodate my requirements.”

- Kym Gates Procurement Specialist at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

“We’ve worked with Proximity for the last 12 years, and have about 800 Proximity charting stations. They were able to recommend and incorporate a flag system into the stations so our doctors can immediately prioritize visits when they look down the corridor. Detail-oriented and true problem-solvers, they are one of our top preferred vendors.”

- John Franks Supervisor of Facility Engineering at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital