Our wall-mounted workstations and cabinets can be custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your facility.


Point-of-care technology that puts the patient first

Proximity understands that patient care is the top priority at acute and long-term care facilities. That’s why our cabinets and wall-mounted workstations offer flexible solutions for point-of-care providers. Proven to reduce errors and infections, Proximity’s systems are designed to meet the workflow and ergonomic needs of your staff, as well as the service expectations of your patients.

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Mitigate risk through enhanced privacy and security

Reduce service downtime and improve equipment availability by providing your first responders with quick and efficient access to cutting-edge technology. From fire and police stations to military and veterans’ facilities, Proximity’s flexible medical cabinetry units offer durable, secure, and innovative workstation solutions. In addition, Proximity has secured a GSA agreement (GSA: GS-27-F-008-A), allowing us to serve VA facilities.

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Commercial & Retail

Promote an environment of efficiency and ease-of-use in your store or office

Exceptional work begins with a quality workstation. With Proximity’s flexible wall-mount cabinets and workspace units, your staff will have the means to do their job more efficiently and easily. Our workstations are designed to improve productivity, communications, and comfort through ergonomic improvements and state-of-the-art technology enhancements.

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Improved organization allows educators to stay focused on what matters

Reduce clutter and protect the integrity of your testing and/or training facility with custom-tailored cabinetry systems. Our educational storage units ensure fewer maintenance issues as well as the improved safety, security, and privacy of classroom materials. Perfect for small or seemingly unusable spaces, Proximity’s wall-mounted units help improve efficiency and accessibility for instructors and students.

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Airports & Hospitality

Offer improved service without sacrificing on style or simplicity

From takeoff to checkout, fast and efficient service is crucial when you work in the tourism and hospitality industries. Offer quick and secure customer assistance from practically anywhere in your facility with Proximity’s wall-mounted workstations and compact cabinetry units. With modern lines and modular designs, our aesthetically pleasing solutions help keep your guests moving from point A to point B.

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