The Proximity Story

In 1992 Roger Goza was working at a hospital in Houston, TX as a LEAN process consultant and realized that there was an opportunity to improve patient charting.  His vision was the “DOC” workstation that allowed easy access to records by physicians and nurses in the hallway.

During the mid to late 90’s the first computer interface product for charting was created to accommodate the rapidly changing technology.  These units came equipped with venting and cable management to properly house the computer systems that all hospitals were installing. In 1997 Proximity Wall-Mounted Workstations became a standard for all new construction builds. As a result of this success our company, Proximity Systems, was established in 2002 in Tomball, TX.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Jeremy Goza expanded Rogers vision. While still being an industry leader in Wall-Mounted Workstations, Jeremy saw another opportunity to help better the healthcare industry. UV-CLEAN technology disinfects high-touch surfaces with an automated cleaning cycle. A small dose of UV-C light will activate to eliminate contagious pathogens ability to reproduce. This intelligent system detects motion allowing for safe use while simultaneously detecting if a surface has been contaminated. Our goal is to give hospitals and patients alike peace of mind through the reduction of pathogens that can cause HAI’s.

Our desire after 25 years is to provide a high-quality product that creates a solution for our customers. How do we do it?  It’s fairly simple.  We operate under the same basic principles Roger desired for his company. 

  • Build a product that has integrity.
  • Have pride in what you do.
  • Continue to deliver a solution that improves the lives of the people who interact with technology.