UV-C Disinfection Complements Existing EVS Cleaning Protocols.

UV-C Disinfection Complements Existing EVS Cleaning Protocols.

Healthcare facilities can support hospital staff and protect patients at the same time with continual UV-C disinfection. While EVS cleaning protocols and regular hand hygiene are should be routinely happening, studies have proven that these standard practices are not always followed. In fact, hand hygiene compliance throughout the United States is only 40%1. More needs to be done to protect patients from harmful pathogens and stop the spread of deadly infections, bacteria and viruses, like COVID-19.

Why Do Healthcare Facilities Need UV-C Disinfection?

  1. Guard against the spread of harmful infections
    Studies have proven frequently touched surfaces can contain harmful pathogens. In fact, 80% of pathogens are transferred by touch. Because hospital staff and patients are constantly interacting with medical and IT equipment, having an automated, no-touch UV-C disinfection device that disinfects in between uses is key to combating the spread of HAIs.
  2. Protect patients from acquiring a HAI
    Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) have costly consequences for health care facilities when patients become infected. To combat the transmission of infection, daily disinfection is standard procedure. Creating an active disinfection environment, UV-CLEAN using UV-C light disinfection has also been proven successful at destroying microorganisms including bacteria, virus, protist and fungus/mold.
  3. Provide another layer of defense for hospital staff
    There is great pressure to turn around rooms or treatment areas quickly to maximize the amount of care that can be delivered; however, this quick pace can result in cleaning shortcuts. Small point-of-care UV-C disinfection units are attached to or positioned above high touch surfaces. The units provide automated, consistent cleaning cycles of UV-C light to inactivate microorganisms at the genetic level by damaging their DNA.
  4. Enable staff to provide highest standard of care
    Just because healthcare staff dedicated their lives to caring for others doesn’t mean they should have to work in an environment where they could contract a HAI. UV-C disinfection devices like UV-CLEAN combat the spread of infection.
  5. Empower staff to work confidently
    Attaching to IT and medical equipment, UV-C disinfection devices are proven to decontaminate high touch surfaces, keeping you safe from germs. While a disinfectant takes three to four minutes in a liquid state to completely eliminate pathogens and may take up to 10 minutes for more resistant pathogens, automated UV-C disinfection continual cleans. Since a quick wipe with a damp towel does not clean, UV-C disinfection deployed by UV-CLEAN is the ideal complement to existing cleaning protocols.
  6. Lower staff sick time
    Healthcare staff retention is a priority in hospitals across the country. Installing UV-C disinfection devices like UV-CLEAN not shows hospital staff their health and wellbeing are a priority. With less chance of interacting with contaminated surfaces, staff will also stay healthier and sick days will decrease.

Now that you know more about UV-C light, consider how your healthcare facility could use UV-CLEAN UV-C disinfection as a complement to existing cleaning and hand hygiene protocols. Product demonstrations and a seed program are in place. Learn if you qualify now!

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