Product Overview

Elegant yet functional this workstation is just 5 inches deep and provides a unique swivel feature to better engage with the patient.

Product Benefits

Wall mounted computer workstation for space constrained or egress areas. Right swivel allows the user to rotate the worksurface away from the wall. Standard features include secure CPU storage, cable management, keyboard and mouse storage.

Standard Features

  • Attractive two compartment contemporary design..
  • Only 5″” (13 cm) deep when closed making it ideal for space constrained or egress areas.
  • Upper lockable compartment keeps CPU, cords and cables safe and secure.
  • Ventilation provides continuous air flow to protect equipment from overheating.
  • Lower compartment folds down to provide caregivers with a spacious and comfortable workstation.
  • Unique keyboard and mouse storage allows the keyboard and mouse to dock automatically when the worksurface is closed.
  • Worksurface designed to hold 400 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Ships fully assembled.

Color Options (click for color part number)

  • Frosty White

    Frosty White

  • Fusion Maple

    Fusion Maple

  • Portico Teak

    Portico Teak

  • Russet Alona

    Russet Alona

  • Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry

  • Brighton Walnut

    Brighton Walnut





    Classic Series slanted tops provide extra storage for cables or power strips. The slanted top allows for easier cleaning and less chance of clutter or dust accumulating on the top of a cabinet.

    Technical Specification Sheet:

    CXT-28-SVL-SLIM-TOP – 5 in

    • Frosty WhiteACC - CTOP - 5 - 1573
    • Fusion MapleACC - CTOP - 5 - 7909
    • Portico TeakACC - CTOP - 5 - 8210
    • Russet AlonaACC - CTOP - 5 - Y0291
    • Wild CherryACC - CTOP - 5 - 7054
    • Brighton WalnutACC - CTOP - 5 - 7922