How UV-C Disinfection Can Benefit Public Health.

How UV-C Disinfection Can Benefit Public Health.

These days it can be difficult to have confidence when out in public that common areas, such as self-checkout stations, are satisfactorily sanitized. While practicing good hand-hygiene helps, we can’t be sure that everyone is doing so. These concerns can be dramatically minimized with the use of UV-C disinfection. UV-C disinfection has been proven to kill 99.9% of germs, which greatly benefits public health when used in common areas. This creates a positive domino effect in the reduction of some key public health issues.

Reduces Spread
Since UV-C disinfection kills 99.9% of germs that can linger and multiply on surfaces by destroying the DNA of bacteria, viruses, protists and fungus/mold that would otherwise grow and spread from one person to the next, this decreases the number of sick people in the population, effectively reducing the spread of illness.

Reduces Downtime
We probably know all too well how fast illness can spread in the workplace. Since UV-C disinfection helps reduce the spread of illness — if installed over commonly used areas that are not constantly being wiped down such as the copier machine, projectors, and remotes that may be used by multiple people per day — it provides added protection to keep team members healthy. This reduces downtime by providing workers with more productive days per year.

Reduces Fear
While social distancing is becoming commonplace among people we don’t live with, it can still be hard to attract patrons to stores or restaurants due to fear of contracting an illness from shared devices such as card readers and kiosks, even if people stay more than six feet apart. Installing UV-C disinfection products like UV-CLEAN reduces spread and reduces downtime, while also helping customers feel more at ease. By reducing fear, and easing the minds of the overall population, it promotes a better sense of well-being as more people will become comfortable interacting in public settings. This makes patrons more willing to visit a physical place of business.

Overall, UV-C disinfection benefits public health by maintaining a healthier and more productive population, which in turn creates a calmer environment where people can feel more confident stepping out into public and communal surroundings.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of UV-C disinfection, and how it can benefit public health, consider how your place of business can utilize this technology through our various UV-CLEAN products, and feel free to contact us for more information on how we can meet your business-specific UV-C disinfection needs!