Sit or stand? That is the question.

Standing is something that nurses do in the normal course of a day. Running from patient room to patent room keeping up with their patients and providing excellent care is their top priority. If sitting is the “new smoking” then nurses must be really healthy, right? Not necessarily. Standing too much can cause just as many problems.

Short-term problems associated with standing too much include aching and swollen feet and legs, and stressed joints. The muscles used to keep you upright are constantly adjusting causing your legs to feel tired and your full body weight is supported by your legs and feet causing achy legs and feet. 

Recently the Nursing Education Expert wrote and article comparing the pros and cons of both sitting and standing. Here you will find compelling information to support the need for both.

Todays’ technology has brought many wonderful innovations to the healthcare system with the potential to introduce improper ergonomics into many clinical settings. Before EHRs, nurses could work on their charting while seated at a nursing station, giving them a break from their active work day. Now, nurses often stand with a computer on wheels when documenting. If the device does not offer standard ergonomic features – such as broad height-adjustment capabilities to adapt a unit to the correct height of the caregiver or negative tilt keyboards – repeated usage over time will add to the nurse’s physical strain.

Understanding your options and why changing from a centralized charting station to a decentralized charting solution offers better communication between nurses and their patients.  National Business Furniture does a nice job of identifying your options in the white paper, Mastering Nursing Workflow Efficiency.

Individual space and workflow plays a primary role in decided whether to integrate a wall mounted workstation or a mobile cart.  Proximity has done a nice job of identifying with a specific customers needs and providing the right solution for the space in their case study Shaping Your Facility With Wall Mounted Workstations.

Whether you are on your feet or resting on your seat, how you interact with the technology provided to complete your job duties efficiently will ultimately make you a better employee.  Switching between a seated and standing position throughout your day is something we all should incorporate into our daily lives.  Motion is lotion for our bodies.