Active Adult Communities

Have you ever wondered what the “Golden Years” will look like?  Most of us have a pre-conceived notion that elder care or assisted living communities are for those that need extra care due to health issues.  That’s simply not true.

Today 55 and over is a time to celebrate.  Join active adult communities that keep you young at heart, and offer all the great amenities that you have become accustomed to over the first 50 years of your life.  Hard work, dedication to the family, and taking time to do the things you enjoy should not disappear as you age.  For example, in recent article from Senior Solutions, Jimmy Buffet is planning to develop a Margaritaville retirement community in Daytona Beach, Florida  for Parrot heads “55 and better” seeking an “active adult community” while wasted away again, the Latitude Margaritaville will open its first branch in Daytona Beach, Florida, with similar communities also in the works. “Inspired by the legendary music and lifestyle of singer, songwriter and best-selling author Jimmy Buffett, your new home in paradise features exciting recreation, unmatched dining and FINtastic nightlife,” the Latitude Margaritaville site says.   The $1 billion project, a collaboration between Margaritaville Holdings and Minto Communities, aims to create 7,000 homes in Daytona Beach; since announcing Latitude Margaritaville. 

This is not a new concept for senior living communities as the Baby Boomers approach retirement.  Exceeding the expectations of this demographic is almost a general rule of thumb when designing these spaces.  Co-housing or “Green House” spaces are providing a unique blend of community and independence. The driving force behind the Green House Project is the idea that our current nursing home system tends to create sterile, lifeless environments for our elders, which in turn fosters loneliness and boredom. Fundamental changes to the way we build and operate senior housing can make our loved ones’ lives healthier, livelier and more meaningful. “We can use the historic strengths and values of elderhood as the basis for creating real homes and communities that can protect, sustain and nurture the most vulnerable among us,” says Dr. William Thomas.

Proximity understands the need to implement standard healthcare initiatives such as medication and supply storage in a concealed, esthetically pleasing way.  The GozAway product line is designed to match the elements of the space while allowing the product to disappear into it’s surroundings.  Adhering to the warmth and home-like is our top priority.

Now is the time to create change in a market that is evolving quickly.  As most Baby Boomers are now faced with caring for their loved ones, they are determined to plan ahead and determine how they want to live out their retirement years.